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We are looking for team managers under each department. The team manager would be the leader of the assigned department and would be required to oversee the daily operations and guide the team towards achieving our organizational objectives. The team manager would have to assign each team member some work, set deadlines, clear doubts, and submit the final work to the founder/next department.


• Set clear team goals, deadlines and delegate tasks.

• Assign work to each member.

• Monitor team performance regularly.

• Listen to feedback, ideas or suggestions.

• Resolve issues, conflicts or grievances.

• Motivate members and submit final work to the founder/next department.


• Proven work experience as a team leader/supervisor.

• Excellent communication and leadership skills.

• Fluent in English.

• Should possess organizational, time management and decision making skills.

• Should contribute to team discussions.

• Should be responsible and motivated.

Further Details:

Internship Duration:

Minimum 3 months, flexible, 4 hours a week.

Manpower Requirements: 15 Interns.


• Work from home

• Certificate of Experience on Completion

• Letter of Recommendation on Completion

• Unpaid

For applying for this Internship, you can fill out the 'Internship Form' mentioned under 'Internships' in the Menu Bar or you can copy the link mentioned below which leads to a Google Form that you have to fill up for applying. You can do either ways.

Internship Google Form:

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