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We are looking for HR Managers who will lead and direct functions of the human resource department. HR Managers would be involved in checking resumes, interviewing and hiring deserving applicants, briefing the new staff and bridging management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues.


• Read resumes and take interviews.

• Ask for sample work and check it for content writing and designing internships.

• Manage recruitment and selection process.

• Only recruit deserving applicants.

• Brief the new staff about the work and help them to get in contact with their respective managers.


• Good communication skills.

• Fluent in English.

• Very Confident.

• Should possess ability to take proper interviews and assess resumes.

• Should contribute to team discussions.

• Responsible and motivated.

Further Details:

Internship Duration:

Minimum 3 months, flexible, 4 hours a week.

Manpower Requirements: 10 Interns.


• Work from home

• Certificate of Experience on Completion

• Letter of Recommendation on Completion

• Unpaid

For applying for this Internship, you can fill out the 'Internship Form' mentioned under 'Internships' in the Menu Bar or you can copy the link mentioned below which leads to a Google Form that you have to fill up for applying. You can do either ways.

Internship Google Form:

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