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We are looking for graphic designers to create engaging and on-brand graphics for a variety of media. The design team would primarily be working on generating attention grabbing ideas that will entice our target audience. The design team would be required to put in content in attractive, appealing and aesthetic posts as well as create Instagram stories. The intern would also be required to design reels and issues and shall be guided in each step.


• Create Instagram posts for our content.

• Create Instagram Stories and other regular posters etc.

• Conceptualize visuals based on requirements.

• Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing, aesthetic and on-brand.

• Go with the theme of our magazine and design posts according to that only.


• Sample work of some self created designs.

• Keen eye for aesthetics and details.

• Must know how to use basic editing apps to design our infographic and post announcements on social media.

• Must have basic editing knowledge.

• Fluent in English and good communication skills.

Further Details:

Internship Duration:

Minimum 3 months, flexible, 4 hours a week.

Manpower Requirements: 10+ Interns.


• Work from home

• Certificate of Experience on Completion

• Letter of Recommendation on Completion

• Unpaid

For applying for this Internship, you can fill out the 'Internship Form' mentioned under 'Internships' in the Menu Bar or you can copy the link mentioned below which leads to a Google Form that you have to fill up for applying. You can do either ways.

Internship Google Form:

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