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We are looking for dedicated content writers to create content for our website, articles and social media. Content writers would be required to submit articles regularly that are informative and at the same time interesting. The articles could be on any topic ranging from food to fashion, politics to academics and so on.


• Research for content and avoid plagiarism.

• Prepare well structured and interesting articles for our website and Instagram.

• Proofread and edit blog posts/articles for our website and Instagram.


• Sample work of some self written articles.

• Excellent writing and editing skills in English.

• Ability to meet deadlines.

• Fluent in English.

• Good communication skills.

• Confident and motivated.

Further Details:

Internship Duration:

Minimum 3 months, flexible, 4 hours a week.

Manpower Requirements: 10+ Interns.


• Work from home

• Certificate of Experience on Completion

• Letter of Recommendation on Completion

• Unpaid

Article Details:

Topics: The topics can be of your choice.

Number of Articles: You have to submit at least two articles per week.

Word Limit: Try not to exceed 300 words.

Format: Proper introduction, body and conclusion.

Instagram Summary Article: The Article that would be published on our Website, the same Article's Summary Lines/Description would be required to post on our Instagram. So a short description of each article published would also be required to be given by the respective Writer.

For applying for this Internship, you can fill out the 'Internship Form' mentioned under 'Internships' in the Menu Bar or you can copy the link mentioned below which leads to a Google Form that you have to fill up for applying. You can do either ways.

Internship Google Form:

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